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Residents of Mesa in Arizona understand extreme heat. It’s an everyday occurrence. It’s especially painful if you’re planning a big road trip in an equivalently big car. This can even go for hopping into a car for mere errands. There’s a large chance that your hot in that car if you don’t have tint on your windows. The situation can be made worse if you have a crack on your windshield, big or small. Along with uneven heat distribution, there is also a crack standing between you and safety on the road. It’s you and the people around you’s safety. This will go in-dept at the benefits of getting window tinting, as well as replacing your windshield.

Blocking of UV Rays
Now I heard that this very phrase is used infinitely in a place like Arizona, especially Mesa. It’s a ploy in an attempt to swat away the unrelenting sun. Most of them end up falling through, but not with window tinting. The sun is an obstacle for every car ride. Though some window tinting can even go so far as to block up to 99% of the sun’s rays. The same ones that can lead to sunburn, or even worse, skin cancer.

Even-Heat Distribution
This is another important point, one which is the bane of most drivers. It’s the build-up of heat in the car. Because they block direct sunlight, they also can block out excess sun exposure. This can lead to cooler conditions inside of your car. This will not turn the inside of your car into a winter wonderland, but it will still feel significantly better. This threshold can go from 40% on the lower end, to up to 80% on the more premium end.

Now to move on to windshield replacement, which is equally if not more important to drivers. A crack in your vision can compromise your and others’ safety. It’s not only unsightly, but it’s an issue. Getting it repaired can only do so much. Read on for how it’s better in the long-run.


This is the biggest and most important point. Whether it’s big or small, it’s still a blind spot. What most drivers don’t know is that even if you have a small and useless crack, it can expand. This is due to external factors mostly, and in a place like Mesa, it tends to be heat elements. This can eventually lead to shattering if not noted and fixed. This affects you as well as drivers around you.

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Staying Within The Law

Places like Arizona have already deemed this a safety issue, which is why it’s illegal to drive if your windshield is cracked. That is enough reason to get it replaced as soon as possible. This keeps you within the laws of Arizona, and it helps you and others stay safe on the road. There are also various options of insurance available to were, most likely, you won’t even have to pay for the replacement of your windshield if it’s needed.

We also offer ceramic window tinting in Mesa AZ. You can come to our location our our mobile auto tinting service will come to you at home or office. Does your house or commercial building need tinting on the windows? We also offer those services, call us today!

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