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Usually, we don’t think about the tint on our windows. It’s something to protect us from the outside of the car. Although it serves a much greater purpose, that being to protect from UV rays. Most have regular tinted windows, but are those worth what you’re getting? Regularly tinted windows tend to have sun protection, that’s true. Although most of the time it will be similar protection to sunglasses. It comes with the glare, distorted vision, among more. The main focus is to block the rays, but regular window tinting still allows some. This heat entering can also increase the temperature in your car, which isn’t convenient on a hot day. It also tends to not be as durable as ceramic. It wears and tears much easier. But why is ceramic the best option?


A good thing to start with is the cold hard facts, which are statistics. One thing is that ceramic window tints have the highest percentage of heat rejection than every other option on the market. This, in short, means that the majority of the heat that generates outside of the vehicle won’t be bothering you. Another amazing statistic is that 99% of UV rays will not enter your car with ceramic tint. That’s almost full protection against rays that can cause cancer and skin damage. Most of the windows are also scratch-resistant, as well as shatterproof.

Protection from Fading

One thing we don’t often think about is that the sun can be damaging the inside of our car, but it does. The harmful rays allowed through can cause wear and tear throughout your car. With ceramic window tinting, all of those damaging rays are blocked. And even though the ceramic window tinting can give your car a sleek and private look, you can still have a clear vision of the road. Ceramic window tinting prevents all glare.

Materials Used
Now unlike regular tinted windows, ceramic windows do not contain metal or carbon. This means that the amount of heat you feel from the outside is hugely decreased. This causes a cooling effect on the inside of your car, keeping you from feeling like your suffocating.

Structural Integrity
Due to the cutting-edge technology used in ceramic windows, it’s now to the point where it will be resistant to scratches, nicks, and tears. This, in turn, leads to a lesser probability that your window will be shattered. This can even be extended to commercial buildings.

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Connection Protection
In an age of technology and long car rides, it’s important to have your phone on you, even in the car. Though of course, this doesn’t extend to the driver. Certain metal can block GPS or phone signals, most of which are used in regular window tinting. Ceramic window tinting requires no metal or metalized materials, which means the connection is completely uninterrupted. This even works if you take calls and texts as well.

Ceramic window tinting is the investment that everyone in the new generation needs. Gone are the days of faulty signals, unbearable heat, and indoor sunburn. Call us today for a free estimate! We also offer financing!

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