All About Tempe AZ



Tempe AZ Arizona, better known as Tempe AZ, or Hayden`s Ferry is a segregated city that is found in Maricopa County in the U.S. Anciently, Tempe AZ was habited by the Hohokam who practiced agriculture and went ahead to build canoes, although only a few families lived in the area. Tempe AZ is the home of Arizona State University and neighbors Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport which is one of the largest airports.

Outdoor activities

One of attracting features in this city is the Tempe AZ Town Lake where people enjoy paddling as they relish the cool breeze watching local wildlife like white herons. For adventure, Tempe AZ has the best places including the Hayden Butte mountain and the Papago Park which suits best for bike riding. The KOLI Equestrian center is a place where people can take a walk through the desert as they enjoy watching coyotes and jackrabbits. Another place that is worth visiting is the ASU Art Museum which entails various works of art on display. The museum also offers a variety of educational gifts and products and different multicultural items, holding exhibitions often. Outdoor recreation is extended to those who love hiking. South Mountain Park has is one of the biggest municipal parks where mountain bikers, hikers and horseback riders can spend time doing their activities. Cruise Saguaro Lake situated near the Sonoran Desert is a place where people can enjoy soaking up the sun on the Desert Belle Cruise which has a qualified captain who gives more details on the geography, geology and history of the area.


In case of shopping, Arizona Mills is one of the biggest shopping outlets in Tempe AZ. It is the ideal place of purchasing brand items. Downtown Tempe AZ is also another shopping joint that offers a wide range of products like shoes, outfits and other elegant accessories in addition to the fact that one can grab a glass of wine or coffee. Still, on shopping, IKEA Tempe AZ is a shopping paradise that sells home furnishings ranging from kitchen items, bedroom, living room, bathroom and garage storage necessities.

Where to Stay

Due to the classy environment in Tempe AZ, the city has some of the best places to stay. AC Hotel Phoenix is a luxurious destination which offers an exceptional experience like Spanish breakfast. The hotel also has the best beverages, tasty cuisines and WIFI connectivity for entertainment. Tempe AZ visitors also enjoy juicy burgers, stir fry, dessert crepes and Japanese sushi offered by Hotel Phoenix. Aloft Tempe AZ is hotel situated near Papago Park and also nears the Tempe AZ Town Lake. Aloft is the home for outstanding hospitality services where customers enjoy the comfort of signature beds, high-speed internet access and big screen TVs for entertainment. Apache Palms RV Park serves as an exclusive facility offering accommodation, sites like picnic tables, Jacuzzi and heated pools and entertainment package of WIFI and HD screen televisions.


In terms of weather Tempe AZ experiences high rainfalls mostly in February, August and December. Most of the chilly months are January, February, March and November with Temperatures going up to highs of 69 to 78 Fahrenheit and lows of 39 to 46 Fahrenheit.